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 Purchase Terms and Conditions Refund Policies For Private Sessions: All payments for readings, healings, consulting, design, PR, and private sessions are 100% nonrefundable once paid. For Classes + Digital Goods All payments for classes, workshops, downloadable meditations, 100% non-refundable once paid. If you register for a class or workshop, and for some reason you are unable to make the class, please contact Cheryl@briteblessings.com or NormanHowdyshell@Yahoo.com. Your deposit and payment can be applied to another program of similar value held at a future date within 6 months from the original reservation, under Cheryl and Norman Howdyshells’s discretion. Privacy Policy As a client or student of Cheryl's, all of your information is private and held confidential. Cheryl and Norman Howdyshell will never sell or share your private information. Terms and Conditions You cannot sue me. By booking a session with Cheryl or Norman Howdyshell you agree and verify that: Cheryl or Norman Howdyshell is not a health professional or psychotherapist and is not responsible for any medical diagnosis or treatment. You understand that the medical and/or counseling profession does not necessarily recognize or understand the spiritual work Cheryl and Norman Howdyshell will be offering such as energy work, spiritual guidance, guided mediations, manifesting tools and discussions. You also recognize that Cheryl and Norman  Howdyshell will not be practicing psychotherapy or medicine. Therefore, you will continue to see you regular doctor and/or counselor and all medical or psychological decisions will be made explicitly between my health professional, counselor and me. You understand that you are fully responsible for communicating with Cheryl or Norman Howdyshell regarding any special health needs, issues or concerns, psychologically or physically that may be sensitive to spiritual change. You understand that spiritual guidance, discussions, teachings, readings, and meditations will uncover many hidden spiritual issues in you, which may lead to some discomfort and disruption, as spiritual changes are integrating into your life. You accept this spiritual change and still choose to participate in this form of teaching, guided meditations, and spiritual healing. You further understand that no results have been implied or guaranteed to you personally by Cheryl or Norman  Howdyshell. By participating in spiritual guidance work with Cheryl or Norman Howdyshell, you acknowledge that you have been duly informed that many personal spiritual issues will be revealed in me. You understand that YOU ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE for yourself at all times and, if you are unwilling to confront you spiritual issue, you must choose to say NO, otherwise a YES to spiritual revelation and spiritual healing will be inferred. You recognize that Cheryl and Norman Howdyshell will try to be sensitive and aware of each person’s spiritual needs, yet they cannot take responsibility for your own personal choices. You certify that to the best of you knowledge, You do not have any medical or psychological condition or any physical issues, which would prohibit you from participating in spiritual healing sessions, receiving teachings, ritual, or doing guided meditations. Being 100% responsible for yourself, you are open to receive and benefit in all ways from energy work, spiritual guidance, guided meditations and/or discussions with Cheryl or Norman Howdyshell. You have voluntarily decided to participate in this session and have requested a session on your own free will. You are at least 18 years of age, and have not been declared incompetent You accept the terms of this agreement, disclaimer, and liability release, by your own free will while fully comprehending what you are doing and the result and consequences of your actions You have read this and fully understand this agreement, and understand that by booking a reading, consulting session, healing, spiritual work, class, workshop, or meditation with Cheryl or Norman Howdyshell represents signing, accepting and agreeing to all the conditions stated within this agreement and includes a release of all possible liability of Cheryl and Norman  Howdyshell. You, the client, accept and agree to all of these terms and conditions upon booking a session, meditation, class, or workshop with Cheryl or Norman Howdyshell and waive any legal action against Cheryl or Norman Howdyshell for the information provided in the session. Cancellation Policy: 24 Hr. notice required for Face Time The full fee is charged for Face Time sessions and nonrefundable without 24 hr notice A refund will not be given if you miss your Face Time appointment - refund will not be given on Daily Personal Readings or Readings via email. All readings are scheduled based on Eastern Standard Time If you have any additional questions: Please Contact me at Cheryl@BriteBlessings.com or NormanHowdyshell@yahoo.com